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Frame Arms Girl - Hresvelgr Invert Plastic Kit

Pre-painted Full Action Plastic Kit  from Frame Arms Hresvelgr=Invert can transform into 3 modes: regular mode, side winder form, air bike form.

 Set Includes 

-The clear parts -2 types of skin color  - "beril smasher" plus additional arm rack parts .
-4 types of face parts (screaming forward-looking face, intrepid right-looking face, sorrowful front-looking face, face without tampo printing).
-Decals for the eyes, and expressions .
-5 types (both available in left & right versions) of PVC hands.
-2 types of grips compatible with 3mm diameter are included.

Frame Arms Girl - Hresvelgr Invert Plastic Kit

¥7,300 Regular Price
¥5,475Sale Price
  • Dealine Date


  • Release Month:


  • Manufacturer:


  • Size:


  • Material:

    Plastic ABS

  • MAX quantity per customer

    3 Pcs

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