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Shipping Policy

When your order handling  we will process your order for shipping and charge you immediately for the merchandise and shipping costs for in-stock, on-site items. 

We will attempt to combine separate  orders if they are placed within a few hours of each other, or if they were ordered at different times but happen to come into stock at the same time. Orders will not be combined if placed with different shipping methods.

If the size of an item in your order prevents the use of SAL/ AIR Small Packet shipping, we will ship your SAL Small Packet order by another method, depending on where you live, at our sole discretion. This policy also applies to Registered SAL/Air Small Packet class.
SAL/Air Small packet parcels will have a fix cost of 410 yen each for the tracking to add at the shipping fees . 

Orders that have a merchandise value of 15,000 yen or more will always be shipped by an insured, trackable express method, such as EMS. All additional costs related to changes in your shipping method for any of the reasons above will be charged to you.

There may be limits to the size of packages that can be shipped. These limits may be set by your country's post office, or it may be physically impossible to ship many large items in one box. In such cases, your order may have to be shipped in more than one box. We reserve the right to ship your order in multiple packages if necessary.

Japan Dream Toys is not responsible for anything that may happen to a package or its contents after it was delivered to the shipping address you provided. Any use of third-parties or reshippers is at the risk of the customer.

Return & Exchange or Refund  Policy

For BRAND NEW Items If the product is damaged or contains defects the user agrees to report said defects to the site within 10 days of receiving the merchandise. The site will then determine the best course of action to be taken. The company will not provide service for any reports received after 10 or more days have elapsed from an order's date of receipt;

Used items 
For USED items we ask you to complete the purchase only if after you have taken view of the descriptions  and the picture of the items on our home page . We will not accept complains once you received the objects that conforms to the descriptions and picture you have taken view of. In case an item that have broken or missing parts not mentioned in the descriptions or pictures , we will take in consideration you request  of return wich you can consult on below return policy . We will need to know details from you to understand the nature of the damage and eventually the responsability of JDT or carrier or customer , and we kindly ask yfor you full cooperation. 

Users agree to follow the process noted above and to abide by any service terms set by the company.


A package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable or unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason, is not an authorized return. As such, it may not be eligible for a refund of the cost of merchandise, at our discretion.

The cost of shipping will never be compensated in the case of a package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable or unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason.

If your package has incurred freight charges for its return to us, you are responsible for reimbursing us for those charges.

Returned international packages cannot be reshipped within Japan, and returned domestic packages cannot be reshipped internationally.



You will be refunded for the cost of the item preordered on this site , in case of any cancellation that may depends on manifactures or JDT difficulty to deliver the purchased items . 

For cash refunds within 60 days of the date payment was made to JDT, we will provide refunds in the currency and payment source originally used to complete the transaction or, if the customer prefers, as store credit in yen, at the current day’s exchange rate. Accepting a refund as store credit would avoid any fluctuations in exchange rates.

After 60 days, or for reimbursement of a payment made to an entity other than JDT (such as for return shipping costs), we will refund in yen by the customer’s choice of PayPal or store credit, at the current day’s exchange rate.

Store credit may be issued as a refund for a returned or defective item,   if a cash refund to your original payment source has been unclaimed, refused, or unable to be sent.

JDT does not cover any fees charged by your credit card company or PayPal when processing refunds. All such fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.

  • Preorder & Open Order Cancellations

Cancellations are permanent, and cancelled items or orders cannot be reinstated. Customers will need to place a new order for cancelled items they still wish to purchase. If cancelled items are no longer available, Japan Dream Toys cannot make them available again under any circumstance.

We reserve the right to limit or close the accounts of customers who abuse the cancellation policy, or abandon shippable orders without submitting payment.

Once a paid order enters shipping processing, it cannot be cancelled, but can be returned as described in our Returns section above. 

Payment Disputes & Chargebacks

We will solve all genuine customer service problems through refunds, reshipments, discounts or whatever else it takes to reach a fair solution to the problem and we appreciate your full cooperation in explaining and solving the problem with us . 

Japan Dream Toys   contests any PayPal or credit card disputes or chargebacks filed by customers. Customers who have filed such disputes or chargebacks may be blacklisted from using our service, meaning we will accept no further orders from them.

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